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Use of Music in Audio

Entries in this medium are for the use of music and/or sound design in any type of creative audio content including commercial radio advertising.

See previous award winners in this medium here

Tip: Please upload the original content audio as it ran in public.

Entry Types

  • Adapted: These entries should include a commissioned re-working of an existing piece of material, be it public domain or licensed.
  • Licensed: Music that has been used straight from the master recording. This can be edited but should not have been re-arranged.
  • Mixed: Entries that include multiple types of tracks (licensed, original, and/or adapted).
  • Original: This is a music track, which has been commissioned and composed specially for the entry. This does not include arrangements of any sort as that is covered by Music Adaptation. This also does not include any material that is in the public domain.


There are no categories in this medium.


Entry Fees

Sept 13th - Nov 6th: $420

Nov 7th - Jan 7th: $470

Jan 8th - Feb 18th: $495

Please note that prices increase based on the deadline period.  See the Entry Fees section for details.


This medium type is eligible for campaign entries.

  • Campaigns consist of 2 or more pieces in the same medium and category.
  • Each piece within a campaign requires an individual entry form to be completed (including individual uploaded media and payment).


Required Media

  • Image (1)
  • Audio (1)

Optional Media

  • Video (1)
  • PDF (1)
  • URL (up to 4)


For details on the specific media requirements please see the Media Requirements section.

For judging purposes, please submit your entry in English. Non-English entries must be dubbed in English. In addition, you must also provide an English translation in the “English-Language Translation” box on the entry form.