Dwyane Wade's Last Swap

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VaynerMedia New York
Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations
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Advertiser BrandAB INBEV Budweiser, New York
Advertising AgencyVaynerMedia New York, New York
Entrant CompanyVaynerMedia New York, New York
Music/Sound CompanyJSM Music, New York
U.S. Chief Marketing OfficerMarcel Marcondes / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Vice PresidentRicardo Marques / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Vice PresidentMonica Rustgi / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Senior Brand Director Marisa Siegel / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Brand Manager Mattie Shook / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Director, Budweiser SportsMatt Davis / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Director, Marketing CommunicationsEddie Moye / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Senior Media ManagerScott Decker / AB IN Bev Budweiser
Chief Executive OfficerGary Vaynerchuk / VaynerMedia
Chief Creative OfficerSteve Babcock / VaynerMedia
Chief Production OfficerAaron Kovan / VaynerMedia
Group Creative DirectorAdam Lock / VaynerMedia
Creative DirectorTodd Bradley / VaynerMedia
Creative DirectorHarrison Barron / VaynerMedia
Art DirectorRafael Sosa / VaynerMedia
Executive ProducerCassandra Reuter / VaynerMedia
ProducerChloe Heller / VaynerMedia
Project ManagerKatherine Penland / VaynerMedia
Executive Vice PresidentNick Miaritis / VaynerMedia
Vice PresidentJoe Leotta / VaynerMedia
Account DirectorAlex Slavin / VaynerMedia
Senior Account ExecutiveDonald Spampinato / VaynerMedia
Vice PresidentJaymie Lipman / VaynerMedia
DirectorRitesh Gupta / VaynerProductions
DirectorJeff Kim / VaynerProductions
Executive ProducerMatt Hollis / VaynerProductions
Executive ProducerElizabeth Krajewski / Cutters
ProducerStephanie Rose / Cutters
EditorSteve Bell / Cutters
DirectorAustin Rauterkus / Cutters
Production ManagerFergus Mccall / The Mill
Production ManagerHunter Berk / Cutters
Chief Executive OfficerJoel Simon / JSM Music
Vice PresidentJeff Fiorello / JSM Music
ProducerNorm Felker / JSM Music
ProducerAndrew Manning / JSM Music
ProducerSharon Cha / JSM Music

This 2020 Clio Sports Silver winning entry titled 'Dwyane Wade's Last Swap' was entered for Budweiser by VaynerMedia New York , New York. The piece was submitted to the medium: Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations within the entry type: Product/Service. It consists of 1 video and 2 images.