Root Insurance

Bubba Wallace - Progress Owes No Apology

Entrant Company
Tool of North America
Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations
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Advertiser BrandRoot Insurance, Columbus
Advertising AgencyTool of North America, Santa Monica
Entrant CompanyTool of North America, Santa Monica
Post Production CompanyCabin Edit, Santa Monica
Visual Effects CompanyShape & Light, Santa Monica
ColorCompany 3, Los Angeles
SoundSweet Justice Sound LTD, Los Angeles
Chief Brand OffierKelly Ruoff / Root Insurance
VP, CreativeJill Neely / Root Insurance
Creative Director, ProductionKevin Rapp / Root Insurance
Design DirectorWes Kull / Root Insurance
Senior DesignerJes Martin / Root Insurance
Motion Designer / 3D AnimatorChris Schoenman / Root Insurance
Creative ProducerKarmen Dann / Green Blanket
President / Executive ProducerDustin Callif / Tool of NA
Managing Director / Executive ProducerNancy Hacohen / Tool of NA
DirectorWesley Walker / Tool of NA
Executive ProducerRob Sexton / Tool of NA
Head of ProductionAmy DeLossa / Tool of NA
ProducerAndy Coverdale / Tool of NA
Director of PhotographyMax Goldman / Tool of NA
Creative DirectorMarc Wilson / Tool of NA
Production DesignerRichard Wright / Tool of NA
Post ProducerMary Church / Tool of NA
Executive ProducerAdam Becht / Cabin Editing Company
Senior ProducerLynne Mannino / Cabin Editing Company
EditorEmma Backman / Cabin Editing Company
Assistant EditorJonatas da Silva / Cabin Editing Company
Assistant Editor (Archival)Rex-Kane Hart / Cabin Editing Company
Color ProducerAnna Kelman / Company 3
ColoristJoseph Bicknell / Company 3
Sound DesignerCsaba Wagner / Sweet Justice Sound LTD
MusicLuke Atencio

This 2021 Clio Sports Bronze winning entry titled 'Bubba Wallace - Progress Owes No Apology' was entered for Root Insurance by Tool of North America, Santa Monica. The piece was submitted to the medium: Partnerships, Sponsorships & Collaborations within the entry type: Product/Service. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.