German Olympic Sports Confederation


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Accenture Song
Social Media
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Agency NetworkAccenture Interactive
Advertising AgencyKolle Rebbe, Hamburg
Entrant CompanyAccenture Song, Hamburg
Product Design / PackagingRTS SCHOLZ, Bremen
Photo Post ProductionAccenture Song, Hamburg
Film ProductionAccenture Song, Hamburg
Audio ProductionAccenture Song, Hamburg
Head of MarketingFlorian Frank / German Olympic Sports Confederation
Head of Digital CommunicationsJens Behler / German Olympic Sports Confederation
Executive Creative DirectorStefan Wübbe / Accenture Song
Lead CreationChristoph Bielefeldt / Accenture Song
Lead CreationMarco Obermann / Accenture Song
Account SupervisorJan Vierig / Accenture Song
Account ManagerAndré Tiedemann / Accenture Song
Art DirectorJenne Genser / Accenture Song
Art DirectorMarcus Gackstetter / Accenture Song
Art DirectorNatasha Pramanik / Accenture Song
CopywriterFabian Rößler / Accenture Song
CopywriterTim Bolte / Accenture Song
CopywriterErik Baeßmann / Accenture Song
CopywriterJule Fuhrmann / Accenture Song
Production ManagerLore Glander / Accenture Song
Production ManagerMartin Lühe / Accenture Song
Final ArtworkRalf Seelig / Accenture Song
Photo Post Production, PhotographerTobias Schlieperskötter / Accenture Song
Agency ProducerJan-Ole Brendel / Accenture Song
EditorAlexander Seipel / Accenture Song
Sound EngineerKlaas Nocken / Accenture Song
Managing Director, Production Manager, Account ManagerMarco Cordes / RTS SCHOLZ
SpeakerElla Schreiber / Freelance
CopywriterDaniel Guiu / /
Art DirectorCristina de Blas / /
Art DirectorAndy Cruz / /

This 2022 Clio Sports Silver winning entry titled '#ShowUsEqual' was entered for German Olympic Sports Confederation by Accenture Song, Hamburg. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Accenture Interactive. The piece was submitted to the medium: Social Media within the entry type: Product/Service and the category: Instagram. It consists of 1 video and 3 images.