Best Submission Practices

Fine-Tune Your Entries

Clio exists to honor creativity in every form. We celebrate work that moves consumers, makes icons of brands and defines a global industry.  Clio’s judging criteria are creativity and originality and our jurors are constantly reminded to focus on those criteria when judging the work. When awarding the work, we encourage the jurors to ask themselves:
  • Is this work creative? Original? Inspiring?
  • Is this work brave? Bold? Innovative?
  • Am I jealous of this work? Do I wish I had done it?
Clio Mission
Each year, Clio appoints top creatives and marketers from around the world to serve on our distinct juries. Clio selects individuals whose own creative work epitomizes the best of their respective fields, ensuring that each juror has an in-depth understanding of the industry’s evolving marketplace. Juries will review all of the entries submitted within their assigned medium types. They participate in preliminary rounds of judging individually followed by a final round of judging to determine the awards given to each piece – Gold, Silver, Bronze, Shortlist.
The Judging Process
During the judging process there is no minimum or maximum number of statues that need to be awarded. The jury reserves the right to award as many or as few entries as they see fit in a particular medium or category.
Basic Info
  • Entry Title:  The entry title is a short name for  your entry. Keep it concise, memorable, and descriptive. We suggest you not include the brand name, agency name, or medium type as these will be on your entry in other areas and don’t need to be duplicated. (Please note that what you title your entry will be on the nameplate of the trophy should the entry should be awarded.) 
  • Advertised Brand: The brand that is being advertised or marketed.
  • First Launch Date: The date that the work was first released to the market.
  • Country of Origin: The country in which the work was first released to the market.
  • Synopsis (Optional): Please state the main objective of the entry as concisely as possible. Focus on explaining how the idea is creative and original (the two judging criteria.)
  • English Language Translation (Optional):  We strongly suggest that you dub your non-English language videos into English or provide subtitles. If this is not an option, please provide a text-based English translation here.
Required Credits
  • Entrant Company: The company submitting the entry. (Please note the entrant company will be on the nameplate of the trophy, should the entry be awarded.)
  • Agency Network: The parent network of the agency entering the work. (Please select N/A if not applicable.)
  • Holding Company: The company that owns the agency and/or the agency network. (Please select N/A if not applicable.) 
  • Production Company: The creative group responsible for producing the work.
  • Advertiser/Brand: The brand/company being advertised or marketed.
Required credits vary by program. Additional company and personal credits are optional and can be added to the entry at any time.
  • Image: All entries require a JPG to be submitted. The JPG will be used as the thumbnail during judging, on our Winners Gallery and in all printed materials should the entry be awarded or shortlisted. The image represents the brand/product being marketed.
Additional media requirements vary by Medium. For Medium details see the entry kit or the “How To Enter” section of
Entry Tips
Entering early offers you financial savings and gives the Clio team more time to review your entry before it reaches the jurors. During the review process, we verify that all of the necessary information and assets are included and if a video is submitted, we ensure the file is working properly and adheres to our media specifications. Additionally, we offer entrants feedback on their submissions when appropriate. In some cases, we suggest minor adjustments to improve your submission, so the more time we have, the better!
Including a synopsis is strongly recommended not only by the Clio team but also by our jurors, as they often use the provided copy when additional context is needed; this can include cultural
background, insights on the creative process and/or specific notes on what makes the entry unique in the medium entered.
While it’s not required, presenting your entry utilizing a case study video is helpful to highlight the various aspects of your projects to our jurors. If you do not have the resources to create a case study video we recommend you create a PowerPoint presentation overview of your project and upload it as a PDF to your entry. Whether you use a case study video or PowerPoint presentation, we recommend you keep your entry presentation concise, highlighting the creative and original aspects of your campaign and if possible, focusing on the
medium you are submitting into rather than a one-size fits all overview.
Avoiding Common Entrant Errors

The most common errors we see from entrants include:
  • Miscategorized entries
  • Campaigns submitted as single entries
  • Links to videos instead of uploading the video directly to the submission
  • Including agency credits, individual credits, agency logos and/or slates in submissions, particularly within the synopsis and uploaded media
  • Providing media assets that are not eligible for a particular medium

How to avoid making these errors:
  • Utilize our entry kit to closely review the medium and category definitions. Check to see if any other categories better suit your entry
  • Familiarize yourself with the difference between a campaign and a single entry. A campaign is a collection of single entries that are judged together as one
  • Be sure to upload all relevant media directly to your submission via our online entry system.
  • When reviewing the entries, jurors are presented with this media first
  • Make sure your agency name is removed from all elements of the submission. All submissions remain anonymous during the judging process; this means no agency mention in or on any of the uploaded media (video, image, audio or PDFs) or in the synopsis
  • Be sure to reference the entry kit for an understanding of what media is allowed for submission into each specific entry medium
  • Contact the Clio Client Relations team at for additional entry placement recommendations and assistance
Questions to Consider
When putting together your entry, ask yourself the following:
  • Does the entry type you are submitting your entry into correspond with the advertised brand?
  • Does the medium and category you are submitting your entry into correspond with your piece and what you would like judged?
  • Are you providing a synopsis that explains why your entry is creative and original and why it fits in this particular medium and category?
  • Is your synopsis informative and succinct so that the jurors can easily digest the information?
  • Have you provided all of the visuals available to you that would help the jurors understand your entry clearly?
  • Could your piece fit into other mediums or other Clio programs as well?
Additional Entry Opportunities
Your work may be eligible for one of Clio’s 5 other award programs including:
  • Clio Sports
  • Clio Music
  • Clio Health
  • Clio Awards
  • Clio Entertainment
Here are some great examples of pieces that have won awards in multiple Clio programs:
CBS Sports
2018 Clio Sports Awards
Award: Grand
Medium: Branded Entertainment & Content
Category: Film
2018 Clio Music Awards
Award: Gold
Medium: Use of Music
Category: Short Form Film
2018 Clio Entertainment Awards
Award: Grand
Medium: Television/Streaming: Teaser
Category: Sports
2018 Clio Awards
Award: Grand
Medium: Branded Entertainment
Category: Film - Scripted
2018 Clio Music Awards
Award: Bronze
Medium: Use of Music
Category: Long Form Film
2018 Clio Health Awards
Award: Grand
Medium: Film (Health & Wellness)
Category: Branded Entertainment & Content
Useful Resources How To Enter: Head to the How to Enter section of to navigate through pertinent entry information for all of our Clio programs.
Clio Entry Kit: Want a printable copy of the entry information? Download our program specific entry kits from Each kit includes information on the judging process, key dates, details on media and entry requirements and much more regarding your entry. Click here to download the 2019 Clio Entertainment Entry Kit.
Clio Winners Gallery: Check out our Winners Gallery on to review previously awarded work within the medium/category you have chosen for your entry.
Frequently Asked Questions: Think you’re the only one with questions? Think again! Check out the FAQ section for quick answers to common inquiries.
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