Image of Alejandro Turano

Alejandro Turano
Head of CG / Lighting Supervisor

ARGENTINA // It was a long time ago when Ale Turano had started playing with a 3D software at his 14’s back in 1995. After studying system engineer and cinematography his passion for both worlds have been fused becoming a strong, both technical and creative director, in any project that involves CGI.

His true passion remains in the lighting and compositing area in which he constantly proves quality and obsession for details. Some examples of this includes working as a lighting lead for the Academy Award winning director Juan Jose Campanella or lighting the CGI Madison Square Garden for Robert De Niro’s Hands Of Stone movie. This doesn’t end here, he also uses to work as a VFX Creative Director, Lookdev Artist, CG Supervisor or Art Director.

No matter how challenging the projects is he’s always fearless to ensure quality and make it happen. Last proof of this was releasing all his experience as Head of CG for The Earth Song (+220 million views) delivering 5 minutes of high quality 3D animation in less than 4 months of production. This video clip was composed by Lil Dicky and sung by over 30 major artists including Bieber, Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran. Featuring also Leo Dicaprio.

He has also worked for The Mill, Grid VFX in Belgium and actually he’s working as an Art Director for 3Dar + TRONCO + 1St Ave machine NY.