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Neil Smith
Work Editorial

NEW YORK, USA // Neil comes from a performance background, spending his early years acting and graduating with a degree in Drama from the University of Hull. Moving to London, he switched to a career behind the camera, joining an editorial company and working his way up from runner to editor.

In 2006 along with partners Rich Orrick, Bill Smedley and Executive Producer Jane Dilworth, Neil set up Work Editorial in London, which quickly established it’s self as London’s premier boutique editing company. In 2013 Work opened their first U.S office in New York with EP Erica Thompson.

In 2015 Neil moved to the West coast to set up Work Editorial’s L.A office along side the original partners and new partner Stewart Reeves and EP Marlo Baird. He currently lives in L.A with his family.

Neil has also established a career in movies. In 2012 he edited ‘Snow White and the Huntsman' alongside editor Conrad Buff for Universal Pictures and then, ‘Ghost In The Shell’ for Dreamworks in 2015. He has just completed work on the pilot of an adaptation of the epic Issac Asimov Sci-Fii saga ‘Foundation' for Apple+ with his long time collaborator, director Rupert Sanders.

Over the years Neil has won too many awards to list (most recently a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2019) and continues to strive for the best creatively whether in TV, features or commercials.