Image of Yuhei Ogawa

Yuhei Ogawa
Creative Director/Editor
Northern Lights

LOS ANGELES, USA // Yuhei is a Bostonian-by-Heart creative who’s gotten his start in the early days of reality TV world, followed by stints in advertising and broadcast promo industries. He has successfully moved across the country and has crossed over into the Hollywood film marketing industry, and has honed his craft as a senior editor at Trailer Park in Los Angeles, CA.

While Yuhei cherishes and is deeply grateful for all the unforgettable experiences he’s had and all the inspiring, mega-talented creative people he’s had the honor of collaborating with along the way, he is most humbled by the experience of juggling unpaid internships and a barista gig at Starbucks in downtown Boston while living in his friend’s walk-in closet for 6 months after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

When he’s not working you can often find Yuhei cracking dad-jokes like a well-worn pair of Lululemon joggers, dancing in the living room with his daughter, and pondering about the mysteries of the Universe - like, “What is the meaning of life?” and “Why do people talk about themselves in third person on award jury pages?”