Image of Mark Lafontant

Mark Lafontant
Creative Director
Buddha Jones

HOLLYWOOD USA// Mark’s combined love of movies & advertising has led to a 20+ year career in Entertainment Marketing, and to his current role as a Creative Director at Buddha Jones. After graduating from Michigan State University, he worked as copywriter, then as a producer at several high-profile ad agencies including MoCean, The Creative Partnership (London) and Trailer Park, before becoming a Vice President of Creative Advertising at The Walt Disney Studios. There he would spend over a decade shepherding dozens of major theatrical campaigns.

In his current role at Buddha Jones, Mark has led the creative efforts on a wide variety of campaigns, spanning diverse genres from The Lego Batman Movie, to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to Scream, among many, many others. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with a team of incredibly creative, thoughtful, and passionate individuals.

When not working, he enjoys spending time at his home in Burbank, CA, with his wife, two teenage daughters, and the three small dogs that apparently come standard with being a Girl Dad.