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Television/Streaming: Key Art Craft

Entries into this medium include technique and craft/skills used in the execution of key art design.

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Entry Type

  • Television/Streaming - This refers to any first-run or syndicated content released on a television or a streaming network and/or any content that is Emmy eligible. It can also refer to podcasts and web series that are streamed online. This also includes any entries promoting a broadcast or streaming network.



  • CGI/3D - Entries in this category are for the use of computer-generated and three-dimensional imagery in key art design.
  • Copywriting - Entries in this category are for the writing of promotional text included in key art design.
  • Illustration - Entries in this category are for visual elements presented as a drawing, painting, computer graphic or other work of art in key art design.
  • Photography - Entries in this category are for the lighting, color, camera choices and editing of photographs included in key art design.
  • Typography - Entries in this category are for arrangement of type in order to make language visible by utilizing a selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading, tracking, and kerning included in key art design.
  • Other - An entry in this category is for work that is not defined by any of the available categories.


Entry Fees

Mar 3rd - May 14th: $325

May 15th - July 16th: $375

July 17th - Aug 20th: $425

Please note that prices increase based on the deadline period.  See the Entry Fees section for details.


This medium type is eligible for campaign entries.

  • Campaigns consist of 2 or more pieces in the same medium and category.
  • Each piece within a campaign requires an individual entry form to be completed (including individual uploaded media and payment).


Required Media

  • Image (1)


For details on the specific media requirements please see the Media Requirements section.

For judging purposes, please submit your entry in English.  Non-English entries must be dubbed in English.  In addition, you must also provide an English translation in the “English-Language Translation” box on the entry form.