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Clio Programs

Clios exists to honor creativity in every form. We celebrate work that moves consumers, makes icons of brands and defines a global industry. 

Each year, Clio appoints top creatives and marketers from around the world to serve on our distinct juries. Clio selects individuals whose own creative work epitomizes the best of their respective fields, ensuring that each juror has an in-depth understanding of the industry’s evolving marketplace.

The Clio judging process is known for its diplomatic approach to recognizing creative excellence. All jurors have an equal say in decisions, and the majority vote rules.  Judging criteria across all programs is creativity and originality.

Clio Awards

The Clios is the esteemed international awards competition founded in 1959 to celebrate high achievement in advertising.  Annually and throughout the year, the Clios recognize the work, the agencies and the talent that push boundaries and establish new precedent.

Clio Fashion & Beauty

Clio Fashion & Beauty is the only award to honor the best of creativity behind the business of style. It brings together an all-star jury of executives and personalities, from all walks of the industry, to identify the best work, and talent, that put the final gloss on the world's most revered fashion and beauty brands.

Clio Sports

A category with such profound influence on the creative business ultimately deserved its own spotlight, and in 2014, Clio launched Clio Sports to honor the best in sports advertising and marketing.

Clio Music

Clio Music, introduced in 2014, underscores the visceral power of music to connect consumers and brands. It lives as a section within the Clio Awards dedicated to honoring work that spans artist self-promotion, music marketing, brand collaborations and the use of music in advertising. 

Clio Entertainment

Clio Entertainment, formerly The Clio Key Art Awards, is the original and definitive distinction in creative communications for the entertainment business.  Born in 1971 to celebrate the best in film marketing, the awards program became a Clios property in 2015, and with partner The Hollywood Reporter continues expanding its reach — across movies, TV and gaming.   It reflects a field that through advances in technology and integration of new specialties, routinely recasts the notion of excellence in entertainment marketing.

Clio Health

From blockbuster pharma to wearable tech to hospital systems and healthcare networks, the business of health and life sciences has never been more open, more competitive, more digitally interconnected and more in need of expressive branding and storytelling. Clio Health has been the benchmark for excellence in this highly specialized field, recognizing creativity that not only meets the advanced needs of consumers but addresses the sophisticated challenges, demands and opportunities of a fast-evolving, rapidly expanding marketplace and industry.