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Live Entertainment: Experiential & Activations

Entries in this medium connect a live entertainment title or brand and its target audience through an experience. This can include both in-person and virtual events/experiences.

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Industry Type

  • Live Entertainment - This refers to any entries that promote a ticketed event for a live or virtual audience including, but not limited to theatre, performing arts, concerts, and festivals. This entry type also refers to any entries promoting a live entertainment organization or venue.


  • Consumer- Entries in this category connect a title and its target audience through an experience (B2C).
  • Special Event & Stunt- Entries in this category promote a face-to-face, virtual event or activation specifically designed to deliver a message or create interest in a live entertainment title or brand.
  • Trade- Entries in this category connect the video game industry with each other for the purpose of insight and trade (B2B).
  • Other- Entries in this category are for work not defined by any of the available categories.


Entry Fees

Deadline 1: April 10th - June 14th: $375 (Single) | $750 (Campaign)

Deadline 2: June 15th - July 12th: $475 (Single) | $950 (Campaign)

Deadline 3: July 13th - Aug 2nd: $575 (Single) | $1,150 (Campaign)

Please note that prices increase based on the deadline period.  See the Entry Fees section for details.


This medium type is eligible for campaign entries.

  • Campaigns consist of 2 or more executions in the same medium and category.

This medium type is eligible for mixed campaign entries.

  • Mixed Campaigns consist of 2 or more executions in the same medium, but different categories.


Required Media

  • Cover Image (1)
  • Execution Image (up to 10)

Optional Media

  • Casestudy Video (1)
  • Case Image/Board (1)
  • Execution Video (10)
  • Execution Audio (1)
  • Supporting PDF (1)
  • URL (4)


For details on the specific media requirements please see the Media Requirements section.

For judging purposes, please submit your entry in English.  Non-English entries must be dubbed in English.  In addition, you must also provide an English translation in the “English-Language Translation” box on the entry form.