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Entries in this medium include work that utilizes advertising and marketing in a new, unique, or especially creative manner.

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  • Branded Entertainment/Content - Entries in this category utilize a fusion of advertising and entertainment and/or editorial content as a way to communicate a brand's message or values to its target audience.
  • Design - Entries in this category utilize visual crafts that convey brand and product messages to the consumer in an effort to inspire, compel, and create brand recognition.
  • Digital/Mobile - Entries in this category are for any digital media that is connected to a user and/or gives the user the ability to interact through technology.
  • Direct - Entries in this category are specific to the one-to-one communication between a brand and its target audience. The goal of direct is to generate a specific action or “response” from the target audience.
  • Esports - Entries in this category are for advertising that focuses on organized and competitive gaming. This includes gaming competitions between professional players, individually or as a team. This does NOT include traditional gaming that is not used in a form of a competition.
  • Experience/Activation - Entries in this category connect a brand and its target audience through an in-person or virtual experience, event, or activation.
  • Fan Engagement - Entries in this category are for creative executions that communicate and engage with a sports fan, entire fan base, or community with the goal of creating a deeper connection, increasing ticket sales, or driving fan loyalty.
  • Film - Entries in this category include all moving image advertising. This includes, but is not limited to: commercial television, cinema, online, mobile, outdoor, in-store, or point-of-purchase advertising.
  • Film Craft - Entries in this category include technique and craft/skills used in the execution of Film content.
  • Gameday/In-Game Experience - Entries in this category enhance the experience of fans in attendance at a sporting event. This can be a recurring experience, one-time experience, or anything in between.
  • Out of Home - Entries in this category consist of any large-format printed or digital advertising that reaches the consumer while they are outside of the home. This includes, but is not limited to: billboards, posters, building wraps, or transit advertising.
  • Partnerships & Sponsorships - Entries in this category include creative executions resulting from the joint efforts of two or more brands, individuals, and/or organizations.
  • Product Innovation - Entries in this category are for innovative new products or new features that create or promote a brand, organization, or experience.
  • Public Relations - Entries in this category include marketing efforts and brand communications that impact brand or organization perception, awareness, and/or garner media coverage. This includes press/influencer kits and collateral.
  • Social Good - Entries in this category focus on creating awareness for a cause. 
    We recommend entrants highlight the following when submitting into Social Good:
    - What is the mission of the organization, foundation, or cause?
    - What are the objectives of this piece?
    - Please elaborate if this piece is a part of a larger campaign or initiative.
  • Social Media - Entries in this category utilize social platforms to deliver content and/or messaging to consumers that can be shared with their social network.
  • Sports Betting - Entries in this category are for any sports betting advertising which includes, but is not limited to, daily fantasy sports and online sportsbooks.
  • Other - Entries in this category are for work that is not defined by any of the available categories.



Entry Fees

April 23 - June 7: $450

June 8 - July 19: $575

July 20 - September 6: $650

Please note that prices increase based on the deadline period.  See the Entry Fees section for details.


This medium type is not eligible for campaign entries.


Required Media

  • Cover Image (1)
  • Execution Image (up to 10)

Optional Media

  • Caseboard (1)
  • Case Study Video (1)
  • Execution Video (10)
  • Audio (1)
  • PDF (1)
  • URL (up to 10)

For details on the specific media requirements please see the Media Requirements section.

For judging purposes, please submit your entry in English.  Non-English entries must be dubbed in English.  In addition, you must also provide an English translation in the “English-Language Translation” box on the entry form.